Friday, November 8, 2013

Tourism Elephant charm in Ulu Masen part 2

Muhadi has aged 30 years. Hair on his head cleared, bald. He is one of the rangers that is also an elephant handler. Muhadi works at CRU Sarah Deu early 2009. Initially, he was the perpetrator of illegal logging. Concern for the survival of the forests as wildlife therein arose when in 2008, conflicts between animals and people of Aceh Jaya beginning to be felt.

"Since then I joined Mahout, how to care for elephants, and until now," he said. Figure like Muhadi is needed to keep the forests of Aceh. For him, caring for elephants to be routine and painstaking. Once a month we even check his toenails, what no thorns. To the extent that, they are the ranger and six elephants mahout bathe the pet two times a day.

Elephants in the CRU Sarah Deu function of the police, who continues to protect citizens. Where, wild elephants often fall into the residential area within the region.

In addition to 'on duty', at the time vacant, they are vehicles for travelers. Travelers who visit here can walk around with the drive is an elephant. However, of course with the steering Mahout.

"Typically it is Caucasian who visit. We take up to Pucok Krueng," Samson said Rizal, one of Mahout. Krueng Pucok route to be crossing the river mouth Ulu Masen forest area that leads to the upstream Krueng Ligand. Of the river, there would be little shocks, where elephants are also going through the foothills. Way there takes two hours.
"Usually take logistics, so spend the night there. We pass through the mountains and rivers." In addition to Pucok Krueng, there are other locations, Krueng Rundeng. Both the location on the river with crystal-clear water.

Nature is honest, if it is well maintained, then it will show its beauty. The sound of birds, green tropical forests, rivers flowing through the rocks, and sky blue. Ulu Masen forest habitat for many animals into place.

CRU Sarah Deu finds a little difficult because the place is a bit hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city. To get there, you can drive from Banda Aceh, capital of Aceh province, two to three hours by road. On the way, you are guaranteed not to be bored. It turns the road that divides Geuruete, one of the highest mountains in Aceh, is an exciting experience. Of peak height Geurutte, vast stretches of the Indian Ocean. When the day mid-afternoon, sunset glow will give sight to the sky a beautiful orange color.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tourism Elephant charm in Ulu Masen part 1

There is something special here, at our place, Aceh. At the end of the West Coast of Sumatra island.

Suci looked nervous. He paced in a 'cage' size of a volleyball court. Suci occasional braying, his voice echoing. At his side, Putroe Meurah Insen ran spoiled.

In addition to his son and the Suci, Meurah Insen, there were Ida, Fena, Aziz, and Winggo. However, it was not Ida, smooth -faced woman, also not Winggo, handsome man with facial tub crown. They are a bunch of elephants, large -bodied animals with a long proboscis.

Putroe Meurah Insen Sarah Deu born 18 September 2012 of the parent named Suci. Fathers of babies born weighing 83 pounds it is Genk, calls for one wild elephants often to enter a breeding elephant in Sampoiniet. When I visited earlier Conservation Response Unit ( CRU ) Sarah Deu, Sampoiniet ( elephant breeding - red), Meurah Insen still named Ayu Ije Rosalina.

Insen Meurah birth is the birth of the first tame elephants in Aceh."The birth of Sumatran elephant is already four tails. However, this is the first in the CRU Aceh. Rest in Tangkahan,"said Fendra Tryshanie, Coordinator Sampoiniet CRU, in Banda Aceh, last September.

Monday morning in the second week of October. The weather was cool for the foot over the hills, close to the river mouth that flows clear Ligands. Still too early in the morning Gampong Jeureungeh Ie. That day, I visited with a group CRU Sarah Deu photography community, Aceh Nature Community ( ANC ). Together we took part two legendary photographer Indonesia, Don Hasman and Riza Marlon.

Don Hasman, usually called Uncle Don is a photographer senior Indonesian explorers, which include the 100 world-renowned photographers. Riza Marlon is outdoor's photographer and writer - author of the book Living Treasures of Indonesia. Reuters news agency photographer, Tarmizy Harva also joined our party.

Sumatran elephant habitat diminishing, even declared shrink drastically. A small family gathering after each other has become a new hope. A little elephant population could be maintained. Chairman of the Indonesian Elephant Conservation Forum ( FKGI ), Wahdi Azmi said the Sumatran elephant population is now estimated to live up to 2400-2800 tail."In Aceh only live about 500-600 tail,"he said. In the past 25 years, the elephant population continues to erode. Where the trigger is habitat continues to be cleared, even 70 % have been destroyed. Elephant conflict increasingly common.

The concern felt by Don Hasman participate. The small, spare man land changed many functions, so that the elephant habitat started to disappear slowly."We should be together. It is to blame is a greedy man. The human mind has always cornered animal for his own benefit,"he grumbled.

Don Hasman added, for the benefit of humans, animals like elephants should be left out for any reason. Supposedly, says Don, humans and animals should live in harmony."Each one has a right."Although he regretted many animal conflicts that occurred in Aceh Jaya district, he still praised her beauty rest Deu."The place is very beautiful."

Agreed with Don Hasman, Riza Marlon thinks the same. He saw, factors increasing the human population continues to grow join pressing 'home' animals."Basically, humans and animals alike took place. We need to find a way out, lest our nation condemned the behavior of the outsiders because we are constantly pressing wildlife,"he said.

He saw the natural balance must always be maintained. Photography media campaign is necessary to natural conditions."The public must come to see the beauty of this place,"said Riza Marlon.

To invite tourists, said Riza, needed awareness to local communities concentrated in tourism management. Aceh's natural resources are still very beautiful very suitable managed as ecotourism.

"People are definitely lucky. Moreover, this place, there is an elephant tour. I see very well. Now, we only know a few elephants in Indonesia's tourist attractions, such as schools and elephants in Riau in Way Kambas National Park, Lampung. For INFO, Aceh is still lacking, but the place is very nice."

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Struggle to the sea

We go through the north after echoing the jargon of the secretariat of the Association of Nature Lovers Students ( IMPALA ) UB. Cold night did not dampen the spirit of Malang journey route to Malang - Pasuruan - Probolinggo, Jember - Banyuwangi - the situation is quite challenging because it passed by large trucks, and road conditions are still in the construction project. rather than a winding path through the eastern and foggy.

12 hours of traveling by motorcycle, delivering himself into one of the national parks in Java, National Park ( TN ) Meru Betiri in Jember. We took a break to relieve the spine and other body parts in the mail a distance of approximately one kilometer from the gate. This afternoon seems to be quite challenging. According to the Ranger, trips using the motor will spend 2-3 hours, depending on the ability to penetrate the rocky unpaved roads and crossing several streams.

We use motorcycles as if turned into a big muddy. Passing through forests and small rivers, making water splashes at night, to the beach Sukamade. Arrive at the destination at 20.00, we parked the vehicle. It turns out; there are on the beach and camping ground accommodation facilities. It seems indeed provided a place for tourists.

Not just us who want to see the release of hatchlings that night, some vacationers from other areas are also there. Accompanied by TN officers, together make up the forest to be able to arrive to the beach Sukamade. 30-minute drive up the coast to arrive at the gate and wait with peace, sitting on the sand beach to get a cue to go to the ' territory '. With excited hearts, we see the process of the green turtles lay eggs into a tourist attraction that night. Afterwards, we returned to the inn and wished for the dream to dive with mother turtle.

The next morning we did demolition turtle eggs that aims to take the eggs are not so alias foul and take the eggs. The demolition of an event that we 've been waiting for because not every visitor can perform like our demolition. This demolition cannot be done at any time, only conducted every three months or when there is no place to put the new turtle eggs. Lucky for us, the events anticipated finding the baby sea turtles emerging from their eggs when dismantled, we can see directly.

Once we take away from puppy turtle in his grave, we were throwing rotten eggs to a disposal site. After we throw it, after a few minutes of wild animals began eating the eggs earlier. We were surprised by the event, see the predators such as monkeys and monitor lizards was so hungry and ferocious prey on the eggs. I 've heard is that it is very soft turtle eggs.
In some places, these eggs are traded at a price of Rp 5,000 per item. It seems the price is not worth the sacrifices made by the mother turtle when planted in the sand and had to give up the eggs. Some people who saw the return of marine turtle mother, will see her shedding tears; sad because her son will never meet. 50 hatchlings were saved and returned to the sea. Their struggle began in the movement within the body into the sea, fears the emergence of a hawk that will prey on any of them. I also came to understand, why it is so important to make this breeding.